The TS-830S is the ultimate model of the Kenwood hybrid high frequency transceivers.   It inherited its architecture from previous successful models, solid state with the exception of the driver and power amplifier vacuum tubes.  It is similar to and was produced at the same time as the TS-530S, sharing many circuits, but with several additional features.  It is a dual conversion system with separate SSB crystal filters in its two IF amplifiers making possible variable bandwidth tuning.  The passband can be adjusted continuously from wide SSB bandwidth to a few hundred Hertz, and  selectivity is quite adequate for casual CW operation. For the CW enthusiast optional CW crystal filters, either for one IF or both, can be installed easily.  The transceiver also features IF shift and incremental tuning for both receive and transmit, RIT and XIT, very useful in DX pileups or when your contact is slightly off frequency.  The tunable notch filter nulls annoying heterodynes, and operates at the IF level rather than the usual, but less effective, audio level.  Also included is an impulse noise blanker that reduces ignition and similar noise.  And while all of the Kenwood hybrids are notable for their outstanding audio quality, this upgrade's variable compression processing makes it possible to increase SSB average power incrementally. The TS-830S covers the amateur HF bands from 160 through 10 meters including the WARC bands with 100 watts peak power output on CW and 130 Watts peak envelope power output on SSB.   The digital frequency display has a precision of 100 Hz, and WWV can be received at 10 MHz on the 30 meter band for synchronizing frequency and time.  Frequently used functions are readily accessible from the front panel, and retuning when changing bands takes half a minute or less.
Caveat Emptor:  A variant of the TS-830S is the "GOLD" version, introduced in late production and sold at a higher price since it included both optional CW filters.  Many  GOLD units have had the CW filters removed and sold separately, so the GOLD name plate does not guarantee that they are still present.