Refinishing, as the term is used here, is limited to thorough cleaning inside and out  and refinishing of exterior surfaces.  It does not include repair or alignment but can be accomplished in conjunction with those services.
Usually the appearance of the  Kenwood transceiver top and bottom metal covers can be made to appear like new with minor touch up and a light spray coating over the existing surface using an exact color and texture match.  In severe cases, existing paint must be removed and several coats of new paint sprayed over bare metal.  Minor dings or even dents may be repaired, but not always.
The front panel rim of these transceivers can be refinished with touch up of worn spots or, for severe cases, applying a light matching coat.  The front panel cannot  be repainted, but it is possible to touch up minor worn spots on the surface or the raised lettering. 
The price for refreshing the metal covers and retouching the front panel rim is $100.  The price for stripping and repainting the metal covers plus painting the front panel rim is $150.  If refinishing is accomplished in conjunction with either repair or alignment, the price will be reduced by 25%. 
Note that the unpainted metal surfaces of the older Kenwood transceivers are treated with iridite, a chemical that retards corrosion.  Over time some erosion of iridite treated surfaces can occur, but it is usually electrically insignificant, and other than cleaning, these surfaces are best left alone unless severely corroded.
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